ZWCAD 2021 Beta Is Open to Tryout

ZWSOFT today launched ZWCAD 2021 Beta, which smooths the way to faster display, finer visuals, and better user experience. If you wish for a speedy and pleasurable design process, this version will lighten your workload and mood.

Better Visuals Generated More Quickly

As the R&D leader of ZWCAD, Charles Zhao explained in the all-in-one CAx Interview, the second step to accelerate the drawing opening process, namely, data visualization was to be taken with the aid of multi-core CPUs and GPUs as well as parallel processing. Now, the promise has been fulfilled. In ZWCAD 2021 Beta, the reading of drawings becomes approximately 30% faster (compared with ZWCAD 2020) with a smoother display of objects.

Adjustable Transparency for Clearer Drawings

You can now specify the transparency of objects, hatches, references, layers, etc. to distinguish them. For higher efficiency, the transparency of objects in a layer can be set all at once.

Adjustable Transparency for Clearer Drawings

More Precise Design at 4K Resolutions

If you own a 4K monitor, you can rest assured that ZWCAD 2021 Beta will bring a pleasing visual experience. You can, therefore, design more accurately without sore eyes.

More Precise Design at 4K Resolutions

Manage All Xrefs in One Manager

External files in the format of DWG, DWF, PDF, PNG, etc. are frequently used as references in CAD. In this version, all the Xref managers are merged into one so that you can conveniently check and manage them without switching between panels.

Manage All Xrefs in One Manager

A Unique Layer for Each Viewport

Viewport layers allow you to vary the layer properties (layer color, line type, line weight, plot style, etc.) in each viewport without affecting those of the drawing. Hence, you can easily mark or highlight some specific parts to suit your needs.

A Unique Layer for Each Viewport

Formulas Enable Faster Calculations

Now that table and field formulas are available, you can utilize formulas, such as Sum, Average, and Count in ZWCAD 2021 Beta like you do in Excel®. As a result, calculating in the table and more specifically, creating bills of materials becomes effortless.

Table and Field Formulas Enable Faster Calculations

New features that improve user experience are far more than the ones mentioned above. For example, application developers can also have a better porting experience thanks to the upgrade of Visual Studio® to 2017 version and APIs for Tool Palettes and Ribbon. Experiencing is believing, we warmly welcome you to give ZWCAD 2021 Beta a try.

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