CADprofi® and ZWCAD: Professional CAD Solutions for Architects and More

For over a decade, CADprofi® and ZWCAD have been offering professionals better CAD programs together. Now, with the CADprofi® 2020 suite ported to ZWCAD 2020, architects, constructors, mechanics, and electrical engineers can deliver first-rate projects with fewer exertions.

Founded in 1996, CADprofi is an international developer of CAD add-ons with 2 branches in Poland and Germany. Available in 24 languages, CADprofi applications are well received by more than 136,000 professionals worldwide.

Four Modules—Architectural and More

The CADprofi suite includes 4 mutually compatible modules—Architectural, Electrical, HVAC & Piping, and Mechanical. With 4 competitive features in common, they can serve at every design stage, such as BOM generation and data exportation. Since the article length is limited, the spotlight will be given to the Architectural module this time.

First, you have access to up-to-date libraries of objects used by the leading manufacturers in your industry. In this new version, the library of doors and gates has been updated, allowing you to choose and insert them with the desired parameters visually.

CADprofi-the up-to-date library of doors and gates

Second, you can expand these libraries with objects and symbols of specific standards, such as the furniture and appliances of your company. Third, there are intelligent tools for completing your projects. For instance, title blocks in your architectural drawings can be filled with no effort. Lastly, the advanced editing commands allow you to modify entities directly in the drawings, boosting your productivity. The Quick Edit function would be a good example. The selected objects can be quickly mirrored, copied, scaled, deleted, rotated, etc.

CADprofi-Quick Edit

Moreover, there are unique functions in every module. Architecture-wise, you can create evacuation plans easily with related symbols. Graphical legends can be automatically generated. The dimensions and number of treads are up for you to determine when you design stairs. The list can go on and on.

Creating evacuation plans easily with CADprofi in ZWCAD

The Common Cause

Back in the days when CADprofi was seeking a technical partner to complement their CAD capabilities, they were told by SZANSA that ZWCAD could be an ideal CAD platform. Since then, their applications have been fully ported to ZWCAD.

Besides, CADprofi and ZWCAD both value the compatibility, efficiency, functionality, and usability of programs. Therefore, a bond has been forged. Also, the good service and support ZWCAD provides have been reinforcing it. “ZWCAD is a powerful CAD platform that combines advanced 2D tools and intelligent 3D direct modeling. That’s why we believe that CADprofi and ZWCAD is a perfect CAD bundle,” acknowledgedthe CADprofi technical team.

The Positive Feedback

Ever since the first porting, CADprofi has been receiving positive responses from customers who use ZWCAD in their everyday work. In 2018, CADprofi was awarded the title “Trusted Solutions 2018” in the CAD Software category by COMPUTER BILD, one of the best-selling computer magazines in Europe. To live up to the customers’ expectations, they plan to continue creating add-ons on ZWCAD, one of the best CAD platforms they consider.

The CADprofi team

The 4 CADprofi modules are available individually or in a package that can help you achieve more with only half the total costs. To try out this combo, you can download the latest ZWCAD for free and shop the CADprofi Suite online.

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