ZWCAD 2020: Faster And Faster

We are pleased to bring  ZWCAD 2020 in front of you! What’s different this time? Charles Zhao, ZWCAD R&D Leader can tell you the answer:

“Performance is always an important standard for CAD users to judge the quality of a CAD product. Therefore, to improve the performance of ZWCAD is always our top priority.”

zwcad 2020_1.jpg

It’s fast. Unprecedentedly.

Thanks to multi-core processing technology, the performance of ZWCAD 2020 will not let you down. How fast actually? Some figures in comparison with ZWCAD 2019 may tell:

  • Most commonly-used commands and operations: 150% faster on average
  • Opening drawings: 32.4% faster
  • Loading drawings: 73.5% faster
zwcad 2020_2.jpg
The speed of opening a drawing of 180MB in ZWCAD 2019 SP2 and ZWCAD 2020

At the same time, we didn’t forget the stability, to bring you fast but stable experience.

All data you need in one table, at a time.

Now with Data Extraction, you can extract various properties and data of an object, and insert them to the current drawing as a table, or export them to an external file in .csv / .xls format. If you need some data in your project for measuring or purchasing, you can acquire them from the drawing conveniently.

Watch the video to see how to use Data Extraction

Manage all your PDF underlays in one dialog box.

In ZWCAD 2019, already, you can insert PDF underlays into .dwg drawings. Now with PDF Underlay Manager in ZWCAD 2020, not only can you check the basic information of each referenced PDF files clearly, but you can also directly open one in PDF reader, easily find where they are located, detach them to make the drawing lighter, etc.

zwcad 2020_3.jpg
The PDF Underlay Manager

Too many Annotation Scales? Reset at once!

If you’ve stored too many annotation scales in a drawing, the performance will be degraded. Now, when opening such kind of drawings, a prompt will pop out to let you reset the Annotation Scale List to its default state by deleting the unneeded ones, ensuring your smooth and efficient design work.

zwcad 2020_4.jpg
The prompt asking whether you need to reset the Annotation Scale List

zwcad 2020_5.jpg
The Annotation Scale List before (left) and after (right) resetting

Here is good news for developers.

If you are lisp-writers or developers working on ZWCAD Lisp, try this! Developed based on Visual Studio Code from Microsoft™, Lisp Debugger helps check and debug your codes one by one or step by step, to ensure the accuracy of your lisp programs.

Watch the video to see how to use Lisp Debugger

What’s more, several useful interfaces have been added to ZRXSDK, like ZTIL library for creating and editing raster images, zcreEntityToFaces for correctly extracting the face data from entities, and Amodeler library for 3D modeling.

Clear selection for unclear overlapped objects.

If objects are overlapped with each other, it will be hard to correctly select the one you want. Now it is no longer a trouble – by inputting SELECTIONCYCLING and clicking those overlapped objects, a dialog box called Selection Set will appear, in which they will be listed for you to choose the one you really want.

zwcad 2020_6.jpg
Use Cycle Selection to select the overlapped objects easily

“Invisible friends” to locate an end point.

Do you still draw a number of auxiliary lines before locating an end point? With the easy-to-use TK Tracking, you can directly get to the point you want with the help of some “virtual” lines, which don’t need to be deleted afterwards. Thus, your drawing efficiency can be greatly improved.

Use TK Tracking to locate the center of a circle

As a productivity tool, ZWCAD spares no efforts to work on improving its performance, which means a lot to our users. We’ve reached a milestone in ZWCAD 2020, and welcome to witness it with us! Take a 30-day trial for free>>

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