Small CAD/CAM Functions, Big Surprise!

hole tactic

There are countless useful CAD/CAM functions which greatly accelerate our design and manufacturing process. However, many of them are too small to be noticed. In this article, I have concluded some of them for you. Let’s check it out!

Foreword: Surprise at the end!

2D CAD Functions

File Compare

There are always different versions for one drawing, which can be confusing. File Compare can quickly compare and locate the differences between two similar drawings by highlighting them with different colors. Even the most minor differences can be spotted. You can also check the details of modifications in the output file.

File Compare

Smart Mouse

For those of you who don’t like keyboards, this function will make you WOW. You can trigger commands by moving your mouse on a certain track, and customize mouse gestures for different commands. It’s especially convenient for your frequently-used commands, notably accelerating your design process.

Smart Mouse

Smart Select

Do you always expect to select all of a specific kind of objects instantly? It’s not a daydream. With Smart Select, you are able to quickly find similar objects with simple properties selection including object type, color, layer, linetype, etc. For example, all “Green” objects in “Wall” layer can be selected in a second.

Smart Select

Match Property

Sometimes you may want two different entities to share the same properties. You know what, it can be done so easily by Match Property, which helps copy specific properties of one entity to another by a few clicks. More handily, the properties can even be applied to an entity in a different drawing.

Match Properties


Do you still draw a number of auxiliary lines before locating an end point? With the easy-to-use TK Tracking, you can directly get to the point you want with the help of some “virtual” lines, which don’t need to be deleted afterwards, to greatly improve your drawing efficiency.


3D CAD/CAM Functions

Customizable Mouse Control

You may have already cultivated your habits of mouse operation. Keep those habits by customizing the mouse settings! Through selecting function key and mouse button, you can choose how to conduct pan/rotation/zoom. For example, you can slide mouse wheel forward to zoom in and backward to zoom out, and reverse the zoom direction.

Flexible Mouse Control


When there is frequent interaction with up-and-downstream suppliers who use different software, Multi-Export can help a lot. You can export multiple objects to multiple formats at the same time, accelerating your exporting process and making your collaboration more efficient.


Auto Drafting

Creating 2D drafts can be very time-consuming. In the upcoming ZW3D 2020, Auto Drafting will be available to support creating 2D drawings to demonstrate the three views of an assembly as well as of every part of it in seconds, largely saving your time.

Auto Drafting

Smart Region Analysis in Mold

When handling region analysis, the regions which are not connected with each other can be detected intelligently, helping you repair the non-adjacent region quickly and thus bringing correct region analysis result.

Smart Region Analysis in Mold

Hole Tactic

It’s always complicated when doing CAM programming for models with many holes. I have to recommend the Hole Tactic to you, which can automatically recognize hole features of 2-5 axis and generate drilling tool paths, saving programming time by 70%-90%.

Hole Tactic

The above is just a very small part of those tiny but useful functions. So what are your favorite ZWCAD/ZW3D functions? Tell us in the comment area and win a 20% discount for ZWCAD 2020(upgrade) & ZW3D 2019 Professional/Premium!

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