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  • ZWCAD 2021 Beta Is Open to Tryout

    1st Jul 2020 by

    ZWSOFT today launched ZWCAD 2021 Beta, which smooths the way to faster display, finer visuals, and better user experience. If you wish for a speedy and pleasurable design process, this version will lighten your workload and mood. Better Visuals Generated More Quickly As the R&D leader of ZWCAD, Charles Zhao explained in the all-in-one CAx Interview, the… Read more

  • Happy CADing: How to Design a Mask Press Roller

    11th Jun 2020 by

    To stay safe against the COVID-19, masks become the “close friends” of most of us at present. But do you know how to create one? Except for the buzzword melt-brown fabric, a tool called mask press roller is needed for pressure cutting and forming during the production. Follow 5 simple steps and learn to design… Read more

  • Happy Cading with ZW3D

    27th May 2020 by

    Design an Elegant Pull Handle with ZW3D. A pull handle is the first thing you touch when opening something. Its shape and style indicate the owner’s taste — classic or modern, simple or delicate. But no matter which style, streamlined shape and smooth touch will be the basic demands for its design. So today, I… Read more

  • Work-from-Home Success: Learning from a Veteran Constructor

    27th May 2020 by

    While those viral videos of work-from-home fails are amusing, it is not the case when you experience them. From where the statue of the bear and the strawberry tree locates, Miguel Ángel de Mingo, CEO of ZWSpain (MP Scia Ingenieria S.L.) who had years of experience in the construction industry shares his thoughts on how to stay… Read more

  • CADprofi® and ZWCAD: Professional CAD Solutions for Architects and More

    20th May 2020 by

    For over a decade, CADprofi® and ZWCAD have been offering professionals better CAD programs together. Now, with the CADprofi® 2020 suite ported to ZWCAD 2020, architects, constructors, mechanics, and electrical engineers can deliver first-rate projects with fewer exertions. Founded in 1996, CADprofi is an international developer of CAD add-ons with 2 branches in Poland and Germany. Available in 24 languages, CADprofi… Read more

  • Electrode Focus™ for ZW3D: Electrode Design can be SO EASY

    27th Apr 2020 by

    Electrode is the “cutter” of EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) machine. Its importance to EDM machine is the same as a cutter to the CNC machine. Because usually this “cutter” can only be used once, making electrodes as fast as we can is a constant pursuit of all the electrode designers. However, many troubles and headaches… Read more

  • Cooling Loop – Your Secret Weapon to Create Cooling Channels

    19th Mar 2020 by

    If you are a mold designer working on the injection mold, you must understand the importance of designing a reasonable cooling system, which greatly affects production efficiency since cooling takes most of the mold cycle time. However, cooling system design can be difficult because it’s at the end of the mold design process, before which,… Read more

  • LVZ ElektroCAD for ZWCAD: A Complete Combo for Electrical Planning

    27th Feb 2020 by

    To install electrical appliances and machines in buildings, electrical plans are essential. Since they should be compliant with certain rules, CAD solutions can play a part. Now, with the add-on, LVZ ElektroCAD successfully ported to ZWCAD 2020, a complete solution for electrical planning is at your disposal. LVZ ElektroCAD is developed by IBS Döbeln, a German software and service… Read more

  • 5 Tips to Turn CAD Files from Chaos to Orders

    25th Feb 2020 by

    Many designers are plagued by managing CAD files when working on a complex project or dealing with multiple tasks at the same time. As you can see, the types of a large amount of files are varied, such as parts, assemblies, drawings, etc., and are stored in different folders and sometimes used in multiple projects.… Read more

  • Hybrid Modeling in ZW3D: A Highly Flexible Modeling Technology

    21st Feb 2020 by

    If you are working on product design with a 3D CAD system, you must know the technology of hybrid modeling, which combines surface modeling and solid modeling methods in one CAD system, and is usually applied to product prototype design or structural design. However, it’s more than a simple combination. What’s the meaning of “hybrid”?… Read more

  • 1 CAD Solution, 2 Designers, 13 Years and Many More

    12th Feb 2020 by

    Two of the first ZWCAD users from Poland shared with us their years-long experiences with ZWCAD. By the end of 2019, two independent designers, Mr. Wiesław Olesiak and Mr. Janusz Drożak had an interview with SZANSA, the Polish ZWSOFT partner and talked about their past, present and future with ZWCAD. The CAD Solution that Keeps Small Businesses… Read more

  • Re-live ZW3D 2020 YouTube Live

    4th Feb 2020 by

    ZW3D 2020 YouTube Live has just concluded. During the live, Juno Chan, Chris Chan, and Zack Wang, our CAD/CAM experts, shared the improvements and new functions in ZW3D 2020, and a number of lucky guys won the big prizes we’ve prepared. We experienced a great time with all of you, our ZW3D lovers. Thank you for joining… Read more

  • Indian Users Had a Sneak Peek at CADbro 2020 and ZW3D 2020

    27th Jan 2020 by

    Pune, India: November 23, 2019 – In mid-November, the latest versions of CADbro and ZW3D were demonstrated in Nashik and Pune, India. Together with ZWIndia and CADbro India, our partners in India, we welcomed 100 tier one companies and over 200 industry experts, automotive manufacturers, toolmakers, and mechanical designers. Terry Deng and Gofy Pan, technical experts from ZWSOFT demonstrated the new features of… Read more

  • New Features in ZW3D 2020 are Big Time Savers

    30th Dec 2019 by

    A lot of efforts have been put in to make the mold design process even easier than it already is. Mold Project Manager First of all, the Mold Project Manager has been optimized to give a smoother and more user-friendly workflow. We can now specify materials, shrinkage, cavity types and more. Parting The parting geometry… Read more

  • ZWSOFT CEO Interview – Cooperation > Competition

    26th Dec 2019 by

    In this part, ZWSOFT CEO Truman shares what’s the ecosystem of CAx industry in his eyes, and his attitudes towards partners and competitors. “Ecosystem” is a hot word in recent years. What’s that in your mind? As a matter of fact, an ecosystem can never be built. For example, if you stack up grasses and… Read more

  • ZW3D 2020: Design and Manufacture Complex Products More Easily

    12th Dec 2019 by

    December 5, 2019 – ZWSOFT today announced the new release of its flagship all-in-one CAD/CAM solution ZW3D 2020. Packed with tons of new capabilities and enhancements in CAD/Mold/CAM modules, ZW3D 2020 enables you to design and manufacture complex products more easily. Inheriting the idea of tackling more complex product design since the last version, ZW3D 2020 has… Read more

  • ZWSOFT Donated ZWCAD to Austrian School PTS Schwanenstadt

    11th Dec 2019 by

    During their 2018-2019 school year, students of PTS Schwanenstadt in Austria received educational support from ZWSOFT. With ZWCAD and several professional training sessions organized by the ZWCAD tech team, young people of technical professions can become skilled at reading and drafting basic engineering drawings in the field they desire to devote to. The Path to Professionalism Specialized… Read more

  • ZWCAD 2020 SP1 Is Now Released

    29th Oct 2019 by

    We are delighted to introduce to you ZWCAD 2020 SP1, which continues to be fast, stable as well as full of new features and improvements. Let’s take a closer look at them! Faster and Stabler as Always More to the greatly improved efficiency of the commonly used commands in ZWCAD 2020 Official, two useful commands… Read more

  • Bentley Systems Announces New iTwin Cloud Services for Infrastructure Engineering Digital Twins

    29th Oct 2019 by

    Digital twins enter the mainstream – engineering firms and owner-operatorsput digital twin aspirations into action The Year in Infrastructure 2019 Conference – 24 October 2019 – Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading global provider of comprehensive software and digital twin cloud services for advancing the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure, today announced new cloud services for infrastructure engineering digital twins. Digital… Read more

  • Direct Edit: Spend 6 MINS to Learn, Save 6 HOURS of Work

    24th Oct 2019 by

    #Have you ever got intimidated when trying to modify details of a complex model after finishing the whole design or based on files from third parties? With Direct Edit in ZW3D, modifying models can no longer be your trouble. Let’s see how. Traditionally, 3D design is done with parametric modeling, which makes all the model… Read more

  • EPLANT® V2019: Successfully Ported to ZWCAD 2020

    24th Oct 2019 by

    One of the best combos for your plant engineering work is here! With its three modules successfully ported to the faster ZWCAD 2020, EPLANT® V2019 now allows for a more consistent and efficient workflow. EPLANT® is developed by RELSOFT S.A., a software provider specialized in plant engineering and plant model conversion. Founded in 1991, it has developed a solid foundation in software… Read more

  • ZW3D 2020 is open for you to have a try!

    23rd Oct 2019 by

    Tons of new features and enhancements have been realised to improve CAD and manufacturing capabilities, helping you tackle more complex design and manufacture high-quality products. CAD Module The shape of flanges can be customized freely in one sketch environment, significantly simplifying and accelerating the modeling process. The logic of constraint status is more reasonable, allowing… Read more

  • ZWCAD 2020: Faster And Faster

    17th Oct 2019 by

    We are pleased to bring  ZWCAD 2020 in front of you! What’s different this time? Charles Zhao, ZWCAD R&D Leader can tell you the answer: “Performance is always an important standard for CAD users to judge the quality of a CAD product. Therefore, to improve the performance of ZWCAD is always our top priority.” It’s fast. Unprecedentedly.… Read more

  • Small CAD/CAM Functions, Big Surprise!

    16th Oct 2019 by

    There are countless useful CAD/CAM functions which greatly accelerate our design and manufacturing process. However, many of them are too small to be noticed. In this article, I have concluded some of them for you. Let’s check it out! Foreword: Surprise at the end! 2D CAD Functions File Compare There are always different versions for… Read more

  • ZW3D 2020 Beta: Welcome to Have A Try!

    16th Oct 2019 by

    ZW3D, an all-in-one CAD/CAM solution, now stands before you with its brand-new 2020 Beta version, which makes steady progress in tackling more complex design, to help customers design and manufacture high-quality products. Usability and stability are the priorities as always, based on which tons of new features and improvements are provided to bring you friendlier and… Read more

  • ZW3D 2020 Beta – Mold Module: Enhanced Mold & Electrode Application

    10th Oct 2019 by

    “The future of ZWSOFT lays in combining closely with the industry. We will focus on helping different industries solve their practical problems, and grow together with them”, said Truman, CEO of ZWSOFT. While keeping enhancing the capabilities of ZW3D platform, we never forget industry applications. So what about ZW3D 2020 Beta for mold and electrode industries? New Mold… Read more

  • CubiCost | RLB Malaysia: The Newest Digital Construction Hero

    27th Sep 2019 by

    LB Malaysia is a respected global construction company which once aspired to achieve BIM. Initially, their team would prepare several bills of quantities in short timeframes. To better serve their clients, this meant working overtime. Being a brand with high aspirations and goals, they were ready to try something new, which would bring out the… Read more

  • Happy CADing-Use Direct Edit to Quickly Modify a Pedestal

    11th Sep 2019 by

    Direct Edit is your ideal too to flexibly post-edit model data. Instead of searching and editing the features in the lengthy history tree, you can directly modify geometric data. Click here to know how Direct Edit in ZW3D accelerates your post-editing work. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to modify a pedestal with… Read more

  • Reading Grounds Appraise HOPE

    10th Sep 2019 by

    Successfully Installed and provided a demo of ZWCAD 2019 at our Reading Grounds studio this morning. I’m glad to share & convey our experience with HOPE Technologies. We’re pleased to inform that you and your team was very professional through the process. We really appreciate your support and service that you extend to your customers.… Read more

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